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"Thank you for making my day. What a talent."

"Saw your paintings at Milestone, just had to look up your website. The snowy landscapes & animal portraits just take my breath away..."

"What a wonderful talent for capturing mood and atmosphere! You are an inspiration!"

"Exquisite pictures... You have a talent for capturing pure stillness and beauty."

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about sandy

Born & brought up in the beautiful Scottish Border village of Denholm, Sandy spent his earlier working years in textile engineering design. However in 1993 he made a complete career change and became a full time artist.

He works mainly in soft pastels, as it’s immediacy and vast range of colours & textures lends itself so well to the Border landscapes he loves so much.

He also excels in both human and animal portraits, book illustration, and architectural paintings.

Although he currently works mainly to commission, he has had many solo exhibitions throughout the Borders. His award-winning work has become increasingly popular and is always in great demand, finding its way to collections all over the world.

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